MEAT® inspired by California’s beach, sunshine and provocative attitude

Founded and operated by MH Design Group, LLC in southern California, MEAT® CA and MEAT® UNDERWEAR caters to challenge the attitudes towards athleticwear and underwear.

MEAT® is designed by a group of young guys in California who want provocative and comfortable apparels to wear every day. It is the inclusive brand that seeks to make designs that are simultaneously comfortable, playful, and full of vibrant energy. 

Be provocative, be inclusive and proud to show-off!


MEAT® UNDERWEAR #TeamMEAT Subscription 

#TeamMEAT subscription is a bi-monthly underwear subscription program that helps our fans to get their hands on new designs and new releases on a bi-monthly basis. Available everywhere across the U.S. and all around the world. Every other month, subscription customers will get packages containing two carefully selected underwear delivered to their doors. Total of six packages a year. The styles all come from best sellers of the past and new styles that have never been seen before.

There are four options available: Two Jocks ($14.99), Two Briefs ($15.99), Two Trunks ($16.99) and Mix It Up ($15.99). Free U.S. shipping included; no long-term commitment and 100% money back guarantee.



Why We Are Different 

BE PROVOCATIVE: We select designs that are out of the comfort zone, color combinations that no other brands have tried before. We work with avant-garde artists to bring the most unusual and unconventional products that shows unconventional attitudes.

BE INCLUSIVE: The brand is not created for a certain group, we want to include everyone regardless of their age, body shapes or sexual preferences. We believe everybody has the right to feel confident about themselves, to show-off their individuality and to celebrate their uniqueness. As a brand, we advocate the confident attitude through marketing campaigns and product designs.